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Everyone on the team participated in the optional safari and no one was disappointed!  Serengeti Select guides, Alex and Stephan, took us to Tarangire, Ngorongoro Conservation Area (the 8th wonder of the world!), Lake Ndutu, and the Serengeti Southern plains.  We saw the beautiful sites of Tanzania and many varied species of animals, some encounters a little too close for comfort.  We had the excitement of having lions and elephants in our camp at night, but thanks to the “Maasai Lion Man,” we were safe and sound.  Two of the sites had open air tents so we could see and hear the sights and sounds of the night all night long.

This is the season for the biggest wildebeest and zebra migration through Ndutu and Southern Serengeti.  It is also the the season for the wildebeest to drop their young, up to 300-400K calves within 2-3 weeks!   Unfortunately (or fortunately for some) this also means we saw a couple encounters with their predators, a cheetah and a lion.    The babies can stand up within 2 minutes and run within 5.  We got to witness a couple of these miracles!  The migration is referred to as the “World Cup of Wildlife.”

We also saw a variety of birds, rhino, dung beetles, vultures, storks, bush bucks, cheetahs, water-buck, mongoose, zebras, African elephants, hyrax, eagles, dik dik, baboons, giraffes, gazelles, serval cats, hippos, and hyenas.

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