postheadericon Improving and waiting and watching

In preparing to install the medical air compressor, the SCL Health Biomed team laid the system out and determined what fittings were needed.  Kevin Deitsch and I then went shopping for fittings.  If you were to need threaded pipe nipples for a project in the US, you would determine what sizes you need and then go to the hardware store to purchase them.  It works a bit different in Tanzania where you have to go to a pipe store and the proprietor will take a piece of galvanized pipe, thread one end and then cut it off at the length you want and then thread the other end ….. and then continue this process for each individual fitting…..all while you wait and watch….very patiently….   Part of the challenge of completing projects in Tanzania is that many of the parts that are readily available in the US are not available here and it requires a lot of improving!  However, even with the challenges this project has, when completed it will make a huge impact to healthcare in Tanzania.  It will allow them to perform life sustaining procedures such as the use of mixed gas therapy on infants and ventilation therapy on both adults and infants.  That is well worth a bit of running around and waiting patiently (like Tanzanians) for parts to be made!

By Dan Ritter

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