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Napir is a story of success and an example to women of what they can achieve.  She graduated a few months ago with the first class at the ALMC nursing school after attending the MaaSAE girls secondary school and now is one of the most dedicated and skilled nurses in the NICU.  When I found her today, she was showing off her baby she has been caring for that was born at 600 grams 2 weeks ago and is now up to 720 grams.  She gained 40 in just the last two days!  Napir is thrilled and has been working with the mother who comes every 2 hours to feed her baby girl.

From Napir –   After completing my secondary education I gained more interest and passion in nursing in order to help those communities residing in the remote areas of the rural country side. I grow-up and nurtured within a rich cultural-tradition of the Maasai community and/or ethnic group of which I realized many health challenges that requires critical minds to interrogate. In fact in the Maasai socio-cultural domain there are few or not at all dispensaries or health centers. The few available are lacking facilities for diagnosis as well as human power and as such many people are suffering even greater risks. Those rural settings are highly challenged by a growing number of communicable and non-communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDs, tuberculosis, pneumonia, tetanus, intestinal worms and amoebic dysentery. Furthermore, diarrhea is common and many people are malnourished. These obstacles to community health are compounded by an inadequate health care system.

Therefore it’s my humble thought that I would be a resource in the future in helping this desperate community. Frankly speaking I personally consider this as a noble cause, as indeed a special calling. It calls for my devotion, commitment and desire to restore good health among patients under care as well as improving community well-being.

I have been able to further redefine my sense of purpose and broaden up my understanding in developing a vision and being able to share and/or communicate it with others.

If the nursing school had not been a possibility for me, I wouldn’t have realized my greatest sense of meaning and purpose in life. I would have simply drifted and flow on the currents of life in the village and may be had been married and bear my children. But in fact the nursing school has unlocked my potential.

My deepest sense of gratitude for all people who have been supporting my education without tire, the only thing that I dare to promise them is th at I will never let them down.

During the course of my studies at nursing school I have been favoring midwifery courses because I am passionate to take a good care of women during pregnancy and childbirth as well as providing the same type of care such as routine examinations, advice and health screenings. As a midwife I would like to learn how to assist and educate during births both at dispensaries and at home. However I would prefer the environment of a home birth. My sole reason is that in the Maasai land, normally as soon as labour begins, women contact their traditional Birth Attendants (TBA’s)  who stays with them through labour and as such, delivery care at home is usually sought as a last resort after serious complications have taken place.

Indeed I would like to share my new learned skills with the community and teaching those traditional birth attendants to have new skills on the best practices. I will explained some of the common labour and delivery complication such as prolonged labour and/or failure to progress, abnormal Presentation, premature rupture of membranes (PROM), amniotic fluid embolism and so on.  I will surely tell them that, these complications are most serious and thus it’s important for the women to deliver at health center for help and quick referral to other hospital if they find out that the situation is more serious.  I will teach TBA’s to become familiar with the said complications.

My long term plans perhaps (10 years) I want to run and manage an entity be it a nursing school or NGO aiming at improving communities health especially in the community health whose living in the remote area. Also my dreams in not only ending in Nursing certificate or Diploma, I wish to go far.


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