postheadericon The Container is Here…..

The 40 ft container that was supposed to arrive months ago has finally arrived at 2:00 this afternoon with some of the equipment we need to deploy and do it quickly!  It had been sitting in Dar es Salaam for months waiting to be released.

With the change in government to the new president, Magufuli, there is an increased focus on fighting corruption and improving the lives of Tanzanians.  He has made some significant changes like cancelling Independence Day and using the funds to fight the cholera outbreak instead in part by using the day as a cleanup day in which he actively participated.  He made significant administrative changes at the government hospital recently when he witnessed patients sleeping on the floor.  However, in some cases, this focus on decreasing corruption has caused further complications with importing a container of medical supplies!  There are 10,000 boxes consolidated by Global Health Ministries in Minnesota of items from various donors on the 40 ft. container and every single item had to be entered into the system one by one.  Even if there were 10 of one item, each one had to be loaded individually.  To make matters worse, if the item was not already logged in the master system, it needed to be logged in the master system in order to be logged on our manifest.  This took weeks of tedious effort!  We received word that it was being released in December only to find out much later that the paperwork needed to be submitted again because addresses did not exactly match on where it was shipped and delivered to.

The second container with the x-ray machine and other supplies was shipped in October through the generous donation of a physician that spends half of the year in Tanzania and needed the machine at Selian for the services he performs.

So, as you can see the team is hard at work getting out computers that will be deployed to the nursing school, MaaSAE girls school, and Selian.  Luckily, we are confident the IT department here should be ready to pick up where we have left off.

The crane has arrived and is unloading the portable X-rays which will also be set up and the x-ray printer.

It will be a long evening!

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