postheadericon Breathing Easier at ALMC

The first bronchoscopy with the new bronchoscope was performed at ALMC with a crowd of enthusiastic participants learning a new skill!

Early in the week Dr. Sato provided interactive training using videos and hands on practice for the new bronchoscope and light sources provided to ALMC and then they had the opportunity to use and practice their skills.

A patient with a chronic cough was admitted who could benefit greatly from a bronchoscopy.   Dan and Connor quickly hooked up the equipment and the medical team and students were able to participate in the procedure.

They were able to rule out any significant pathology including cancer.  Previously, they would have had to subject the patients to more tests and may not have been able to rule out several possible causes.

Connor is now covering the proper set up and cleaning of the scope to ensure it is ready and safe for future patients.


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