postheadericon Connor’s Craft Project and IT’s Captivating Work

Connor wins the excellence in innovation award today (well the day is not over… so he wins as of 1:00 pm anyway).  Tim Nock, a RT who was a volunteer on a past trip, shared that there is a significant problem with dust in the filters of the ventilators which causes them to overheat and stop working.  Connor was determined to solve this problem by visiting his local craft store.  This is true, but it was after a lot of research, contacting the manufacturer, and figuring out possible solutions to a pretty serious problem.  Here is Connor working on cutting his felt squares to improvise a ventilator filter. Zach is wondering if he will start gluing on macaroni later today.

In other exciting news, the files are downloading! Ryan and Richard (from ALMC), are watching them download. Yep, they really are, and you can see how happy they are by the smiles on their faces.  Edit by Ryan:  We were testing failover configurations on our storage system to verify redundancy of the RAID controllers with the equipment we installed.


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