postheadericon The Most Impactful Trip Yet!

This is what has been said of this trip and what the team will be able to achieve because of the incredible amount of groundwork the previous teams have laid.

As we have looked over the past projects and performed the assessment of what needed to be done in partnership with the leadership of Arusha Lutheran Medical Center and Selian Hospital, we are all justifiably proud to be part of this organization that has been able to significantly improve the health and overall well being of so many people and families in Tanzania.  We are so grateful to Joel Sigdestad, who has been leading this mission since its inception, whom is not able to attend this year but has coached, guided us, and shared his knowledge and passion!

We are in our final stages of preparation with calls, texts and emails of who has items for last minute additions to training,  extra convertors, and who may even have a bit of space left in their bag for another team member to use.

The team has spent months discussing the focus of this trip and ensuring that the projects and training that we will complete are aligned with the capabilities of the hospitals, that all the projects are sustainable so the impact will be carried long into the future, and that we are building capacity in Tanzania (teaching people to fish!)

Past participants have joined us to share their experiences, best practices and key learning.  They have shared how their participation has had a life changing impact on the way they think, work, and for those involved in clinical care – the way they interact with patients.  We had a Tanzanian Priest come spend time with our group to build our cultural competency and teach us techniques and best practices to help us build relationships and be effective  (including the practice of shaking hands with every person when a meeting starts and if anyone joins late, then we have to shake hands with every person yet again!)

We have spent time in discernment about what we can and cannot do but sometimes want to do!   We have worked closely with CHA to ensure we are adhering to the Guiding Principles for Conducting International Health Activities.    We have very lofty project goals that will have significant impact and long lasting benefit.

Our Guiding Principles:

Prudence – Don’t just do it

Authenticity – Know thyself, know thy partner

Honesty – Trust is earned and learned

Patience – Build capacity, not dependency

Excellence – Best intentions do not equal best practices

Humility – We all have something to learn


We are excited to share our stories with you throughout the next couple weeks!


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